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We conduct intercultural training for small or large groups. Culture light or culture deep – whatever suits your needs. Using real-world case studies, we will show your employees what works and what doesn’t work – country to country, even region to region. They will gain intercultural experience through carefully constructed presentations and hands-on demonstration.

You will find that intercultural training can increase morale and motivation while helping you retain your most talented sales people and senior executives. What’s more, your training programs will be based entirely on your needs, business goals, and what your employees, business partners, and customers want.

Among the training topics we might include are:

  • Current business practices (including important dos and don'ts)
  • Critical skills related to communicating, influencing and persuading
  • Communication and interactions that affect one’s ability to establish proper credibility and leadership qualities.
  • Traits that are useful and appreciated
  • Cultural values – contrast and compare
  • Intercultural decision-making, problem-solving and motivation techiques
  • Proper protocol and etiquette